Having originally specialized in custom cocktail and special occasion dresses, STATUS has emerged as a collection of ready-to-wear offerings ranging from casual to semi-formal, all in interesting, unique silhouettes and textures sure to satisfy the fashion fix you crave.

STATUS empowers you to dress intentionally for the ?STATUS? of your day or life. The STATUS collection builds a versatile wardrobe that gives you flexibility in communicating your own personal style and how you want to be viewed to the world. STATUS is about using your wardrobe to express yourself in your own multi-faceted way. STATUS is all about your multi-faceted life.


Imagine discovering a new, interesting line of women?s clothing so versatile and different one can dress the pieces up or down for every ?STATUS? of their daily lives. STATUS keeps you looking fabulous and effortlessly put together everywhere you go. Based in Dallas, Texas, STATUS is available online and in boutiques across the United States. STATUS is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Your STATUS is what you make it.